Welcome to the world of BONZ Barb BQ Sauce where simply looking at a BONZ pic tells a 1,000 bites. It does NOT matter what you put BONZ on or in, it's BONZ-A-LICIOUS.  Go ahead, try BONZ with anything...Chicken, Pork, Beef, Turkey, Venison you name it...even your finger. Applied with heat, BONZ thick sweet profile carmelizes to whatever you have it on. Be sure to check where to get BONZ and how to order BONZ ONLINE.





THIS JUST IN...BREAKING BONZ NEWZ... I registered BONZ Barb BQ Sauce and BONZ SPICY Barb BQ Sauce in the 30th annual 2017 American Royal World Series of BBQ Sauces held in Kansas City. They had a whopping 606 total entries. I registered BONZ original in the mild tomato category and out of 218 sauces BONZ placed 44th!!! Woo hoo! SPICY BONZ was registered in the specialty category and out of 139 sauces SPICY BONZ placed 38th!!!! YES!! So proud to have them both in the top 50 in their categories.

So overall out of 606 sauces entered BONZ placed 125th and SPICY BONZ 180th!!

That's the scoop...btw the best Sauce on the planet for 2017 is FROG Sauce (Rob's Smokin' rub & FROG Sauce). Congratulations to all sauces represented in this years event. Peace!!


Bonz World Series Bbq Contest Kansas City






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BONZ OUTTA THIS WORLD MEATLOAF...starring Venison and featured in Wide Open Spaces thanks to Brad Smith. We are so honored to be included among your treasures of great recipes. Thanks a million. Check out Wide Open Spaces on Facebook and their website at www.wideopenspaces.com.







There's literally a 1000 ways to use BONZ Barb BQ Sauce...send us a pic of your grill n Bonz. Here's some cellshots that were sent in to us. Such a beautiful sight. Almost brings a tear to your eye...or hunger pains in your stomach. hehe. Either way...it's all good. : )


 August 32015 011    Aug 22015 098 Bonz Bonz Curtis Gallons



 July 2013 002   Photo (9)  Eldridge Ribs      



  Jan 13 002 Roger Pic 2 Megan Albregts




Rogers Pic Hewitt  055 Danny



Other Stuff

 Amber W Mac N Cheese  1934198_10153770355995902_4197481808787336388_n  Bonz Pizza Rolls  August 32015 009 IMG_20120619_190228-1  Jan 13 024    Watson 033

Jan 14 107 Jeff In Florida





Bonz Barb BQ Sauce has been described as "Liquid Heaven". Not keeping your sauce within eyeshot may result in its disappearance. It is strongly recommended that you give your family and friends this website, or tell them Where to get it! so they can obtain their own stash.

Celebrate the day!