Bonz BBQ - Julie 2012-28

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It arrived this afternoon!  We had it on our pork sandwiches for dinner and it was amazing! Thank you so much!

~Cynthia, IL


We got the 3 bottles for $10 deal at the Covered Bridge Festival. Just wanted to let you know we tried the meatloaf recipe today and it was AWESOME! Hope the weather cooperates next weekend so I can try bonz sauce on pork & ribs from my smoker.



Good morning, picked up a bottle Indiana Saturday and, we are a sweet baby ray fan, that was the only sauce around but not anymore there is no bonz about it this is the best!! thanks

~Jim, IL


Bonz virtual Shout out... watch this   : )


After you gave my husband and I bonz BBQ at the Parke county maple syrup festival I crave it all the time! Its wonderful and i usually am not a fan of BBQ sauce I will keep spreading the word!=]

~ Tia

I am sad....I ran out of bonz...have to go buy some more. ..

~Jim, Illinois


I used to only use famous daves but have to admit bonz is it:)

~Scott, Lafayette, IN

 You know, I eat vegetarian fake burgers and it converts a paper-like meal into a really tasty one. It is a great taste. Congratulations.

~John, Lafayette, IN


003 Spendals Meats | Clinton, IN

I am the one in Clinton, In. who gave you the directions to Spendals! I have a friend who works there and she said Tim did take two cases and she loves it! I used it yesterday so whole family could try it on my grilled chicked and it was a big hit! Bones sauce for us for now on! Thanks for turning me on to it!

~Ron, Clinton, IN


I met you at Harvest in Frankton today. I do not like bbq sauce so I thought. I could drink it. I can't wait to try it. I am going to get some for my dad too. I am so excited for my husband to try it he loves bbq. It is also great to buy from a Hoosier

~Kim, Frankton, IN


Im going to need to order some more real soon...

~Lisa, Phoenix, AZ


My husband just tried Bonz and said it's the best BBQ sauce he's ever had!!!

~Nicole, Lafayette, IN


We did ribs for Jack's 1st birthday. We used Bonz! UMMMMM UMMMMM Good! I'm telling you, that's some tasty sauce you've got there! :)

~Laura, West Lafayette, IN


I just cooked up a dozen chicken legs on the Green Egg last night smothered in BONZ. If you haven't tried Bonz, try it! Excellent sauce!!!!!

~Bob, Lafayette IN


Tried your sauce at the Maple festival and bought 3 bottles. I am anxious to try it on chicken & pork.

~Connie, Rockville IN


Got some at the Maple Syrup Festival in Rockville. Can't wait to try it out. I know it will be good.

~David, Rockville IN


My kids are picky eaters, I had some Bonz given to me by a friend and I put some on the kids plates. They were dipping their carrots in it. I thought..."whatever works" !! We love it and it has become our favorite.

~ Jenny, New York


Used the BONZ tonight.....AWESOME

~Joe, Michigan


BONZ...... one word to describe...AMAZING! It was great seeing you today. Your sauce is literally 2 die 4! :) Just opened a bottle to sample.

~Kathy, Indiana


We tried your bonz sauce the other day.... its delicious : )

~Erin, Tennessee

All I want for Xmas is big box of Bonz!!!!

~Jeff, Indiana


I love the barb-BQ-Bonz Sauze. It's amazing.

~John, Indiana


Barb's Blog is great! Can't wait to read on...

~Cathy, Arizona


We are so looking forward to Bonz Barb BQ Sauce at our Thanksgiving dinner. I'm taking it to give it to other members of our family. We love it!

~Jennifer, Indiana


We had Bonz for Breakfast in St it, and so do our friends. Thanks!

~ Cindy, Pennsylvania

bonz st maarten


Mom & I tried Bonz Barb BQ Sauce in meatloaf and it was great. The flavor was better than we expected. Thanks for suggesting it.

~Ann, Oklahoma


It's very good stuff. I'm waiting to see it on Walmart shelves.

~David, Illinois


Great BBQ sauce! I have tried it on several different foods and it is absolutely the most wonderful tasting BBQ sauce out there! I highly reccommend giving it a try!

~Michelle, Indiana


Best BBQ sauce!!!! Love it!! Awesome job!!!! If u haven't tried it, u need to! U will finally realize what u have been missing all ur life! Makes ur bonz all warm and fuzzy inside!!

~Mandy, Indiana

shout out...bonz


I like makes you want to eat it clear down to the bone!

~Susan, Indiana


I need 3 more bottles to take to a family gathering this weekend. I love it so much I could drink it! Does it come with a straw?

~Linda, Indiana


My family got together to celebrate my grandmothers 90th birthday. We had a cookout and made Grandma's choice...BBQ Chicken. Bonz Barb BQ Sauce was given to me by a friend. We loved it, especially Grandma. The bottle was a topic of conversation...we will tell others about it.

~Carla, Indiana


My husband and I were entertaining some friends at our lake house. We love beer can chicken on the grill. Bonz Barb BQ Sauce made the meal better with it's sweet flavor. With alittle bite anyway, my husband who only eats food that's on fire diced some pepper in it, thought it was the best. That's saying alot coming from him. One bottle will not be enough.

~Jana, Chicago


Dude, this sauce is seriously awsome. Just wanted to give you a shout out while I was online ordering a box for a get together with some guys. They will like it to, I'm sure.

~Chad, Michigan